Top 10 Things To Do in The Hamptons

Deciding to spend your summer in the Hamptons is not as hard as one would imagine. Given the right capital and time, everything is possible when you will it. But what else can be done if you’re not searching for endless partying and beers ponging?  Well, the place has so much more to offer than meets the eye and it lives up to its name when said that it can satisfy any “sweet tooth”.

  1. Secret Garden hunt

This might look like a children’s play, but it comes with more than your regular treasure hunt. Having less emphasis on the secret side, as collector and designer Jack Lenor Larsen took the liberty of “furnishing” the garden with idyllically sculptured designs and turn everything into a renowned fairytale land,  LongHouse Reserve is one of the most beautiful and peace-bringing experiences of the Hamptons.

  1. Go up the sky!

No, not by using balloons or an airplane, but by replacing the traditional surfboard with a flying one. Yes, you heard correctly, flyboarding is on the table when it comes to amusement in this summer retreat and it represents just the switch you needed when the waves are flat and the water doesn’t deliver much adrenaline to your veins.

  1. Have a different kind of breakfast!

Yes, the place has it all and you cannot skip the beer and delicious meals that exclusive Chefs provide in top notch restaurants, but change the scenery a bit for one morning with Harbor Market and Kitchen. Enjoy a natural, farm made meal, loaded with carbs and healthy fat, to give a boost of energy and savor: fried eggs with a side of avocado, black beans, fresh cheese and what not.

  1. Vineyards

A thoughtful selection is in order because the Hamptons offer them all: variety, quality, peace, comfort, friendly hosts and some of the best wines. A peaceful evening needs no more than two or three hours in such a place to get your fill of Heaven and, also, a dizzy head.

  1. Go healthy all the way

If health is one of your daily worries, you can enjoy a natural detox in a salty cave, accepting the halo therapy sessions with Himalayan salt. There are many luxurious spas you can indulge in and relax. If you want to break a sweat, there are may options at your disposal. From Soul Cycle to Barre classes, you’ll be in extremely good shape with the classes offered at both locations.

  1. Surfing

One thing that can never be skipped for the teens is the board and waves. But everything can be spiced up, so why not try Surf Lodge, where the surfing crowd is entertained by a group of bands who provide a free concert and also play different style and tunes.

  1. A dine with a view

We talked about breakfast, but what’s for dinner? May I suggest a panoramic supper at the East Hampton Point Restaurant, that offers, except for the five-star cuisine prepped by Chef Thomas Rouge, also an extraordinary view of the Three Mile Harbor?

  1. Sunbathe

You cannot come to the Hamptons and leave as white as you came. Enjoy any of the numerous beaches the place has while sipping some of the best champagnes and cocktails and enjoying the clear breeze and warm touches of the sun.

  1. Shopping spree

If you wish to have a little wardrobe change but can’t afford to spend a car-amount in clothes, try Tanger Outlet, that comes with a variety of brands, exceptional employees and an elegant appearance for the display of on sale items you only wished you could have.

  1. Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition

Last, but not least, this place is preferred by families as kids love animals, and it has its fair share of them in the large enough area to walk around, but it also has a personal feeling and the enthusiastic stuff only adds to its benefits.

So what should you choose when it comes to having fun in the Hamptons? It’s all up to your needs and desires, but this place of wonder and lust is one that can delight even the pickiest of all.